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Interior Painting Preparation

Properly preparing walls for painting is the key to creating a beautiful space.

To give your home a flawless new look.

Dull Glossy Areas: To ensure proper adhesion, sand glossy surfaces with fine sandpaper.

Spackling : Examine floor, wall, and ceiling surfaces for nail holes, cracks, or any other surface imperfections. Use a putty knife to rake out any large plaster cracks or loose particles in your walls and ceilings.
- Fill mitered trim joinings (which are open) and door or window trim that is separated from the wall.
- We remove any loose or scaling paint.

Professional painting services

Anyone can load paint on a brush and wipe color on a wall. However, only a professional will listen to the client, observe and analyze existing conditions, determine the requirements, craft the proper techniques, provide the appropriate services and meet the budget—this is exactly what we do. We are a professional organization; a team who pays particular attention to doing the job right

is a great way to maintain your property
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